3.0 – Parental Blessings and Your Battles

3.0 – Parental Blessings and Your Battles

Having known what parental blessing is then, what is Battle?

A battle is warfare, it’s a fight. It is a force that seeks to resist a bloodline. If it conquered your parents then you can’t escape except you fight. It is the battle of the fathers and your mother house; it is a battle with the following characteristics:

  • Saying no to your destiny voice or permanent silences
  • Calling you from your destiny headship to the  tail region
  • Seeking to kill your glory
  • Seeking to shut down your start
  • Burying your virtues
  • Posing limits and limitations, stagnation, and backwardness to a man’s journey
  • Hindering your head from attaining fame and fortune 
  • Wants you to be like your father or not exceed your fathers
  • They normally have heavy influence of witchcraft and bewitchment 
  • Divination and sorcery become prevalent 
  • Thick darkness beclouds a man’s destiny
  • A man shedding tears in the midst of plenty
  • Continual and perpetual failure and defeat
  • Favour is scare or not available at all
  • Misfired aggression and hatred
  • Collective captivity is visible: everybody is poor, everybody is barren
  • The first is becoming the last
  •  A man of wisdom is not noticed
  • A jewel in dustbin
  • A captor becoming a captive
  • A man become a shadow of his real self

Battles are real. Victory is also real. It is my prayer that you will win your battle. Because in life it is warfare before fun fair. Parental blessing may be a voice speaking against your battle. It doesn’t matter even if you are far away. Battles can locate a believer and unbeliever alike. According to Isaiah 65:8 that voice was speaking to destroy it not for there is a blessing in it. The blessing makes you indestructible. The blessing makes you unassailable. The blessing confers on you dignity and honor.

Who are those in battle?

  • Christians who are under evil pattern in the lineage
  • Those going through unpleasant situation and  need divine intervention
  • Those living a single life without their divine spouse
  • Those who want to be gainfully employed against the wish of household enemies
  • Those who have not conceived and want to conceive by fire by force
  • Those under constant threat and conspiracy of human in their lives
  • Marriage gone scour
  • Disease and infirmities that have defiles medical condition
  • Those being pursued by enemies
  • Those operation under the manner of curses, be it generational, ancestral, parental, environmental
  • Those with heavy burden and satanic yokes
  • Anybody experiencing unexplainable joblessness
  • Those who are confused about life and are lacking direction generally
  • Those who experience marital crisis
  • All those doing profitable hard jobs

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