Google Acquires The #96 – Buys Sparkbuy, A Search Tool That Finds Laptops Based on Criteria

Google buys a new startup, Sparkbuy,  a website that helps customers to find laptops, based on personal criteria.


We are pleased as punch to announce that Sparkbuy has been acquired by Google.
I know, right? We can hardly believe it ourselves.
When we built Sparkbuy way back in the waning days of 2010, we wanted to make it really easy to find the gadget that’s perfect for your needs. Our idea was that you could combine huge piles of structured data with an intuitive interface, et voila: a few clicks to find the electronics widget with exactly the features you want. Have you tried to find a great laptop or TV recently? Crazy hard.
But when people started actually using Sparkbuy, we started to see that the opportunity was bigger. In fact, it was much,muchbigger. There are so many “crazy hard” search problems out there we know it could take ages for us to deliver what our customers are asking for. So when Google showed up and suggested we could work together to turbocharge our efforts, we just couldn’t pass it up.
We’re stoked about the opportunity to share our vision for search with a broader audience. And while we won’t be offering services at any more, stay tuned for truckloads of new awesome from our team at Google.
Thanks for coming by!
Sparkbuy Inc.

This means that the list keep increasing. We blogged the other, Google has acquired 95 companies within a decade. Now, it is 96.


Between February 12, 2001 and April 26, 2011 Google has acquired 95 companies. The rate at which Google is going is serious!Even now that Google is trying to expand to Africa, there is high possibilities that most Africa startups would be acquired by Google. (exploit, TIF)


Google is a computer software and a web search engine company. Each acquisition listed is for the respective company in its entirety, unless otherwise specified. The acquisition date listed is the date of the agreement between Google and the acquisition subject. The value of each acquisition is listed in US dollars because Google is headquartered in the United States. If the value of an acquisition is unlisted, then it is undisclosed. If the Google service that is derived from the acquired company is known, then it is also listed here. (wikipedia)

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