Twitter Adds A New Product – A Notification System. Now More Spams From Twitter

Twitter that does not need an introduction, yesterday, introduced an email notification system. In an official tweet, Twitter stated thus:


Starting today, we’re rolling out an email notification that lets you know if someone you follow retweets or favorites one of your Tweets.


This is in addition to the present trend where they notify you when someone follows you.


Tekedia thinks this is a very poor product. Twitter should make it optional. For some very influential Twitter users, they would be sure to be deleting emails hourly. It does not add much value. They already have a way of letting users see what is happening on their tweets from Twitter console.


We are going to see more email spams and Twitter will end up encouraging many people to cancel. Think of users like Lady Gaga,; does it mean she has to worry about 10,000 emails if few thousands of her users decide to re-tweet her tweet. We understand that email notification is sent when a new user followers, but that one is once and for all. This new feature can be difficult for some very huge users.

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