Abundance in Nigeria’s FUTURE – Best Companies NOT Yet Founded

Abundance in Nigeria’s FUTURE – Best Companies NOT Yet Founded

Simply, the best companies in Nigeria have not been founded. And if anyone tells you that all the opportunities are gone, respectfully ignore him or her. If Nigeria is operating at its optimal productivity level, its GDP should be $3 trillion (well above the current  $500 billion). If you do the math, it means Nigeria needs 6X multiples to attain equilibrium. 

About 90% of the companies in Nigeria today are not wired for that type of unbounded, unconstrained, and compounding  leverageable growth with accelerating returns. Yes, even if they try, the anchored elements upon which they are built cannot enable them to experience  that redesign.

Only new species will provide that growth under new tenets, driven by new business models, energized by new policies. Hope you get the point why our insurance sector has less than 2% penetration, electricity companies deliver darkness to more customers than light, potable clean water nonexistent, using 65% of workers to produce hunger, [add your list], and banks serving less than 50 million unique customers in a nation of about 210 million citizens.

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People, the best companies for Nigeria have not been founded. So, begin to #BUILD.


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One thought on “Abundance in Nigeria’s FUTURE – Best Companies NOT Yet Founded

  1. But the visioning capability of average Nigerians needs sharpening and serious enhancements, because they largely see darkness, catastrophes and obstacles; it’s blurry and defeatist.

    Those who can see are betting everything, without reservations, because wherever there are lands and humans, opportunities abound; it’s a constant.

    The things we bury our money in, are they the sort of things that could create the multiplier effects and exponential growth we all admire and desire?

    We read books, hear stories of how great nations emerged, read about mega global entrepreneurs and how they took unpopular routes; but when it’s time make decisions and take action, we revert to the pitiful and failure modes.

    Put $5 million in real estate, put another $5 million in tech start-ups, come back in five years and check respective results and value accumulation. This is just one example, there are many parallels you can run away with.

    We are waiting for who will preach and preach, until the voice is lost, before we can be convinced; and that’s why all of us are lying on the ground, we cannot fly.

    We want to play safe, but desire big things and runaway and unbounded growth; no chance.


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