Africa’s Covid-19 Moment

Africa’s Covid-19 Moment

Because of Covid-19, America will revamp its healthcare system, Western Europe will push for new vistas on human welfare and Japan will strengthen how its industries work. Yes, Covid-19 will possibly give the U.S. a ticket to rebuild its infrastructure, as it looks for ways to quickly jump start and re-grow its economy. Indeed, the world will not miss this moment, which even though extremely unfortunate, has come!

Hospitals gets their wish: $100 billion

What they got: Health care providers would secure $100 billion in grants to help fight the coronavirus and make up for dollars they have lost by delaying elective surgeries and other procedures to focus on the outbreak. They would also get a 20 percent bump in Medicare payments for treating patients with the virus.


Telemedicine investment: $200 million

What they got: The Trump administration would get $200 million for boosting Skype-style health checkups by investing in services and devices that help health care providers connect remotely with patients.

in this piece, Temitayo, writes that Africa must not miss the Covid-19 opportunity. Who could have believed that rich men can stay home to use local hospitals? An abomination a few months ago, but we have had governors who were touched and treated by “local” doctors, and they are well! Who could have imagined that all the politicians with fraud related legal problems are suddenly healthy, and none of their lawyers have asked the courts to grant them permissions for medicals in Europe or the U.S.?

People, there is an opportunity here – to rebuild our healthcare, schools, etc, and engineer a restoration in Africa. We must not miss the moment, no matter how the push is coming!

COVID-19: An Opportunity for Africa


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