Africa’s Path To Knowledge Economy – Investment In Emerging Technologies

It is the most dominant technology in our world, but it does not have a creative presence in Africa. Without it, there is no ICT. It matters so much that US, Canada, Japan and Europe have integrated foundry projects for their students. It is the gunpowder of the knowledge economy army.



Without it, you lose the battle of global competition. Africa must develop its microelectronics industry, organically, from bottom-up. And we mean students for continuity and sustainability management. Microelectronics is the engine that drives the information age and without its constant evolution, ICT cannot advance.



In AFRIT campaign, it plans to help establish at least one world-class microelectronics institute and ten microelectronics labs in the continent in coming years. They hope to form African Microelectronics Network to enable SMEs and universities share and network design kits, process data, and technology files. This is the major way to creatively improve Africa’s Knowledge Economy Index (KEI) and move Africa forward by designing and manufacturing ICT products, over mere importation of them.


The complete roadmap is here.

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