Agrific Launches Platform To Facilitate Agro-Commodity Trading in Africa

Agrific Launches Platform To Facilitate Agro-Commodity Trading in Africa

We welcome the Block Process Limited team to Tekedia Mini-MBA even as they announce the launch of Agrific – a technology-driven agro-trading market place for agriculture commodities in Africa.

Agrific is a B2B2C platform that offers on-demand commodity supply-chain, connecting producers and offtakers with a platform that supports a fair exchange of value.  Agrific’s platform serves to build relationships between local farmers and major processors, aggregating commodities while paying attention to the unique specifications of the buyers. The system allows off-takers to fund the process of buying and selling what farmers have already harvested. This will give every farmer that has produced high quality farm produce, the opportunity to sell to major buyers through Agrific’s portal

Agrific firmly commits to the transformation of food and agriculture to achieve the SDG’s, by build an all in one import and export portal to facilitate international trade between Nigeria and the rest of the world  riding on a model that matches farmers to processors and off takers by eliminating several layers of intermediaries. By doing this, Agrific optimizes market access to African farmers and also improves their income by at least 45%.

Agrific’s unique proposition lies in its end-to-end integration, firmly consolidating all value chain actors in one platform inclusive of logistics, quality assurance, payment protection and insurance of all traders through its trusted partners.

The central system of the platform is a pipeline through which agro-commodities agreed to be sold, accessed and certified to be of the quality assured. Sellers have the luxury of customizing their catalogue with an alert system that enables them to engage real-time with potential buyers who are interested in the commodity they aggregate.

Buyers, depending on the quantity or quality needed, can either trade on the central system or use the demand-supply feature of the platform to buy their desired product.

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At Tekedia Institute, we are co-learning with Agrific Team and Linda I.A Obi as they begin this playbook for Africa. Welcome to the Institute.


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