Are Mobiles The Future Of The Gambling Industry?

Are Mobiles The Future Of The Gambling Industry?

Gambling hasn’t always been as accessible as it is now. It wasn’t that long ago when you still had to attend a betting shop or other gambling establishment to make a bet. However, the mid-1990s was when things really changed the gambling industry beyond recognition. If you’re interested in some of the best mobile slots then click to visit now.

Gambling is as old as time itself and forms of gambling have been discovered that date back to the earliest civilizations. In fact, it’s a safe bet to say that gambling will be around many years from now, even if it undergoes a ban by world governments. All this would do is push the entire business underground. 

However, for the time being, gambling is as mainstream, as it has ever been and it is a popular past time for thousands of people across the globe. There are many reasons for its appeal, from the added thrills that betting on sports offers, to the sheer fun associated with slots. The excitement of gambling is being experienced by a broader range of people than ever before.

As already mentioned, the mid-90s is a pivotal point in the history of gambling and 1996 is the year that the gambling industry will look back on with much fondness. During this year, the first online casino was introduced and it proved to be a great success. Businessmen and entrepreneurs around the world wanted a slice of internet gambling action. This led to more and more virtual gambling outlets opening.

Major betting brands saw how useful a tool the internet was becoming and started moving large parts of their operations online.

These virtual casinos continued to capture the public’s imagination and people flocked to these sites to have fun and hopefully win some money. With such high demand came a boom era in game design and software houses popped up in towns and cities. They employed fresh-faced digital artists who came loaded with creativity and ideas.

The flourishing industry started to create more intricate games known as video slots and these changed the face of gaming for the better. These new digital games had mass appeal and brought slots to a wider audience.

The new digital platform allowed game designers to produce more complex and rewarding bonus rounds and special features that were more immersive than ever before. In fact, all slots were much improved. Again these new games proved very popular and along with state of the art graphics and gameplay, they became the major draw of online casinos. 

No Going Back

The gambling industry hasn’t looked back since these seismic events occurred and the main reason for gambling hitting the mainstream, are simple. Access to gambling is easier than ever. Technology allows anyone and everyone to access gambling sites from all kinds of hardware, whether it’s a laptop, desktop or even a mobile device.

This allows people to gamble in an environment of their choosing and many prefer to do this at home anonymously. This improved accessibility has also appealed to females and they have taken to online casinos in a big way.

Gone are the days of a night out at the local bingo hall, these have been replaced by playing slots at home or on the move. The number of women choosing mobile gaming is steadily increasing and it is thought that women make up 39% of the slot playing statistics.

Slots are the other reason and they have become the number 1 draw at online casinos. They have always been popular ever since they were invented in 1895. However, today’s slots are on another level and offer a totally immersive experience that is on par with console gaming. Their unpredictability and simplicity are what makes them popular and they transfer well to mobile devices.

The Future Of Gaming

The popularity and technological advancements in mobile devices such as smartphones, now mean that most people own such a device. Since the gambling industry always has one eye on the tech world, as it is vital to their future, mobile casinos were an inevitable invention.

The growth of those accessing mobile casinos through smartphones has led to 15% of last year’s gambling industry revenue being attributed to mobile gaming. Some virtual casinos have more mobile players than desktop ones.

These kinds of statistics are continuing to increase because we literally use our phones for everything these days. Whether it’s to browse the net, keep in touch with friends, or to organize our days and remind us of appointments, our lives are revolving around these devices.

Our gambling habits are going down a similar path too and most casinos have responded by offering mobile casinos and casino apps. These allow you to play games on smartphones that resemble the same quality that you would experience on a laptop or desktop. Furthermore, they offer the player more privacy, as these small devices are easy to take with you in any room of the house or even outside.

They offer gaming that can help break the monotony of the daily commute. If there is public Wi-Fi then you can play your favourite games whilst waiting for a bus or sitting on a train.

Multiplayer gaming is on the rise through mobile devices and you can now be competitive and play live Poker and Blackjack with groups of people and this brings a social element back into hi-tech gaming. 

Final Thoughts

The convenience of mobile gaming is a big winner with punters and so is the privacy that this offers. The fact that you are not stuck at a desk indoors is another huge positive. The games also play as well as they do on desktops without any loss in graphics.

Phones are also getting better all the time and now resemble mini computers with HD displays and bigger screens. Add better, faster and more reliable networks such as 5G into the equation and the future of gambling could very much be one, ruled by mobile casinos that are being accessed on mobile devices.

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