Arik Airline is Heading To Bankrupcy If Strategy Does Not Change

On Mar 17, 2011, Punch reported that an Arik Air’s Airbus A330-200 plane has been impounded in Johannesburg, South Africa for allegedly defaulting on lease agreement payments.


Few days ago,  SaharaReporters reported on a similar case in Senegal.  The company owns the Senegalese authorizes. In the same report, it was noted that  Arik is also owing Nigerian authorities: the airline owes Nigerian civil aviation authorities some N2 billion in unpaid fees.


Certainly, business is not as cool as we expect in Arik. With all the fancy and launching of new crafts, things are not well. This is where it gets interesting. If they have this record of being impounded, customers will go and when that happens, the business will collapse.


Now is the time for Arik to get its house in order. We certainly wish them good luck.

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