Congratulations Ms Omobola Johnson – Nigeria’s First Minister of Information and Communication Technology

Congratulations Ms Omobola Johnson – Nigeria’s First Minister of Information and  Communication Technology

The former Chairwoman of outsourcing giant, Accenture, gets the node as the minister of the newly created ministry, Information and Communication Technology.

For all the likes and talks of the professors and activists in the ISPON, NCS, etc, this could be coming as a surprise. We think the Accenture lady is a nice one. Nigeria needs a strategic vision and her skill, experience and networks could be important gain here. Lady, Go on and be a tiger! (ok, Tiger has been fired by Accenture).

But this is good. And who is she? From her Linkedin page, she studied electrical engineering and later became the boss of Accenture Nigeria. Good enough, she took early retirement to pursue teaching and of course sideways politics. And it just worked well. A better profile is here.

Mrs. Omobola Olubusola Johnson was until recently the Country Managing Director of Accenture in Nigeria and the first woman to hold that position. Omobola holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester and a Masters degree in Digital Electronics from King’s College, London. She joined Accenture, then Andersen Consulting in 1985. At Andersen, she garnered experience in the areas of enterprise transformation- having worked with Board and Management of several major banks and CBN of Nigeria to successfully transform these organisations in a more competitive and dynamic environment. Some of the initiatives in these transformation projects range from strategy development to process re-engineering, HR transformation, technology developments and change and programme management.

In the multiple of years she spent at Accenture, she progressed through various roles and was a Director and the Head of the Financial Services operating group in Nigeria before her appointment as the Managing Director December 2005 where she was responsible for implementation of Accenture’s strategies in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa. Omobola likes travelling and plays golf. She is a member of many prestigious clubs in Nigeria and Non-Governmental Organisations- she is the founding Chairperson and member of Board of Trustees of Women in Management and Business, among others.

Omotobola Johnson, Congratulations. Now, let us go and do it and make Nigeria a an ICT titan.

Omobola Johnson

Country Managing Director at Accenture

Information Technology and Services
  • Chairman at Accenture
  • Country Managing Director at Accenture

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