Become a Paid Contributor To Tekedia – We Need You Right Here (pls forward to friends)

If you missed it, Tekedia received funding to expand our contribution base.

Now, we have an obligation to do exactly what he requested.  Of course, that is also what we want ourselves.

Starting immediately, we are looking for paid contributors across Africa. Yes, this will not make you Aliko Dangote, in wealth, but you will have fun knowing that we appreciate your time for writing for us.

We write about technology, innovation, startups, entrepreneurship and related topics.

This is how it will work:

– If you are interested, email [email protected] Interestingly, we do not want to see your CV or resume, just point to us a content you have written before with your name, on it.

– If it works out, we will create an account and give you the username/password so that you can post directly

-We pay per article. When you accumulate  a certain agreed amount, we pay you via Fasmicro.

– You will be responsible for sourcing news and all associated costs.

– Contents you send to us must be original and exclusive to us. Only through Tekedia written consent can you use it in another site

– For very influential bloggers, this could be lucrative. We want the news before the newspapers wet their inks across Africa

More guidelines are provided below:

We cover Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Education.

They include among others:

– break major tech news right here on

– interview/document/analyse technology creators, users, mechanics, hairdressers, metal molders, shoe designers (those Aba boys practice technology, also), herbalists, professors, engineers, policy markers, palm wine tappers (what do they do, we want to know), local farmers (one harvests bigger yams, the neighbor weeps on poor harvest, why?),  student inventors (cover those class projects), etc

– write about them

– report about startups

– write on business and technology policy

– profile legends and icons of technology

– student leaders and administrators on education, technology, etc.

– And anything on innovation, entrepreneurship, education, and technology.

Our contents are aligned within Africa , though once in a while you can cover technology events around the world.

NB: Editors must have personal computers/laptops, internet access and work from home, and will cover all associated costs for pursuing contents. This is not a contract to hire. This is purely freelance with no implied full-time employment.



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