Best Three Management Software for the Windows 10

Best Three Management Software for the Windows 10

While using your laptop or PC you have to make some things up to date. For example, you need to make partitions in your system to find out your data in quick time. If you are using your system or PC without making separate disks, it would be hard enough for you to find your saved data. These partitions just look like new hard drives in the laptop. You can make these partitions according to your desire. These can help you find a different type of data in them. If you have documents related to your office, you can save them in a separate partition. Similarly, your family photos, videos and songs can be saved in the separate partition. This can help you keep your system neat and clean as well. No data would be mix up in such conditions. There are some useful partition applications available in the online stores. Some of them are given below.

1) EaseUS Partition Master Free


EaseUS Partition Magic is on the top of the list because it has some unique specifications. It is used to create new partitions or hard drive on the laptop or PC. It can help to delete or format the whole disk as well. It has the ability to hide partitions. There is an option called ‘copy wizard ‘ that can help you upgrade smaller partitions into large hard drives. This is the best application for Windows 10. This application supports different file systems. It supports up to 4.0 TB of the hard drive. EaseUS Partition Master Free supports

  • Recover deleted or lost partitions
  • Resize/move partitions, merge partitions, split partition, etc.
  • Convert primary partition to logical, logical partition to primary
  • Disk & partition copy, upgrade system disk

It is highly recommended one in the online market. It is simple to use and supports multiple languages.  This partition manager is totally free and can be downloaded from online stores or official website.

2) Mini Tool Partition Wizard


This one is another best choice for the users who are suffering from such problems like partitioning. This partition magic free software is famous in doing more tasks apart from deleting, resizing and formatting hard drives. It helps us in the extension of partitions in the system. It offers

  • Functionality as it allows to access all the partitions in your laptop
  • The recovery of the data from the previously created hard drives or partitions
  • Data protection made that helps us to secure our data on the system.

3) AOMEI Partition Assistant


This is another great partition manager for the Windows 10. It supports multiple operating systems like Windows 8.1, 7 and XP. It helps us to resize, delete, format, split or move partitions. It can convert disk between GPT to MBR. This is easy to use as well.

These are some of the partition applications that can be used to keep your system good looking and easy to use. You can download them all from the online stores or their perspective official websites. Keep smiling and have fun!

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