Biden and Trump Dancing Highlife [Deepfake experiment]

Biden and Trump Dancing Highlife [Deepfake experiment]

For research and academic purposes on the power of emerging deep fake computational systems. It turns out that anyone can do this now. It could have cost the guy $40 to do this. Give him $10,000 and a judge will struggle to rule on which is real or fake. But of course, highlife brings the fun to Mazi “Biden” and Mazi “Trump” here. Brace for a stochastic future!

This is actually the type of song for White House. , egwu oma [good music]. egwu di mma si na chukwu [good music comes from God]. umu uwa gee zie nu nti [the world should listen]. Ugo chi mere eze [ only the lord can enthrone to the throne ]

Follow up comment after a LinkedIn question:

Actually, there is a subscription package which you can pay $1,900 for tools to make this. You do not need $10k. Some tech firms offer same on beta as they refine models and collect data. Possibly, they will NOT release it for deepfake but people will use it for that!

The real deal is on editing: why waste $20k to go and re-shoot a movie segment when you can fake that small section? Can you sign artistes on contracts and create a Nollywood movie from software with none ever needed to be physically present? Your look is what you sell, not your time!


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