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BIW – Biden is Working As He Writes off Student Loans

BIW – Biden is Working As He Writes off Student Loans

Mr. President, that was why we voted for you. Give young people freedom from student loans. When a kid graduates with zero loans, the kid has more choices because life can move on without being worried about how to begin paying loans. As always, I remain thankful to the beautiful Americans who through their generosity ensured that I never received a bill throughout my program.

I was told that the school fee is about $67,000 per year. For the 4.5 years I stayed there, they took care of it and also put me on a salary of $36,000 per year while providing the best education available in the world. Then, they added more, crediting extra $4,500 per quarter which they classified as coming from extra fellowship and scholarship. It was from that money that I used to hire my first 11 engineers to start Fasmicro in Nigeria.

Be thankful if you graduated with $0 in America. It offers choices! While $10k is not enough for many, it is a step in the right direction. BIW – Biden is Working.

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Comment: Proff, if college was such a great investment, they wouldn’t need to freeze payments or forgive debt. It just signifies that university tuition is ridiculously overpriced. If a degree doesn’t really help you find a job anymore it should be cheap or be paid off with ease. A great lesson in there!

My Response: The problem is that people have made university education or going to school to be about money. It is about the liberation of the mind. The argument that university education is overpriced misses the point. Obama was carrying student loans into White House because he preferred to serve his community as a community organizer instead of picking a big job as a Harvard Law graduate.

He could have earned $400k per year and paid off the loan. But you know what he did? He worked for stipends of less than $50k per year, helping families. What Biden is saying is this: there are many people that are helping to build America in Goodwill, etc using their education but do not earn much to pay debts. Obama’s Harvard education was useful even though he did not use it to pile $$$. Forgiving loans for people like Obamas who chose to serve over $$ does not hurt the nation.

Another user response on comment: Ndubuisi Ekekwe the paradigm of the thinking of the average African man needs to change. Our inability to distinguish material wealth and humanity is wanting. There’s a reason the West progresses, while they are capitalists in DNA, they still find a way to balance the penchant for profit with human reasoning.


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