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Digital Board for Tekedia Mini-MBA Edition 2 (June 22 – Oct 22)

Digital Board for Tekedia Mini-MBA Edition 2 (June 22 – Oct 22)

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings. On behalf of our faculty from around the world, I am honoured to welcome you to this page, for Tekedia Mini-MBA second edition. Beginning June 22, we will start a  journey to co-learn and co-share on the mechanics of markets, innovation, business operations, and growth. We will examine emerging business frameworks, models and technologies, across different domains and sectors, and how they are redesigning the ordinances of economic architectures, industrial systems and competitiveness. This knowledge excursion will last for four months. I expect it to deepen our capabilities and advance the companies we work for. Simply, we will innovate, not just invent, to fix market frictions in our sectors.

This table below will have active links, in successive weeks, for you to navigate to the specific contents. You will see weekly overviews, written materials, flash cases, labs, videos and challenge assignments. There is a section to ask questions and discuss the topics; you can always email.

Once again, welcome and thank you for joining us. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

  • Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe
  • Tekedia Institute

Theme: Innovation, Growth & Digital Execution – Techniques for Building Category-King Companies

  • *Lecture link becomes active, 12 noon Lagos time, weekly.
  • **Tekedia Live (i.e. webinar) times are announced in weekly boards

Connect for Career Week: Nov 2-7, 2020 here.

Week Date Focus 
1 June 22 Click here for Link to Week 1 Session

Innovation & Growth

The Innovation and Growth of Firms – Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Digital Transformation, Innovation & Strategy – Jude Ayoka, Manager, Access Bank Plc

Innovation Lessons: 5in5 (5 Firms in 5 Sectors) – Africa/Global – Aderinola Oloruntoye, Dean, Workforce Group

2 June 29 Click here for Link to Week 2 Session

Business Systems & Processes

Business Playbook, Manual and Execution – Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Process Improvement and Operations Management – Rasheed T. Adebayo, Operations Manager, Schlumberger

Quality and Asset Management – Michael Odigie, Vice President Technical Services, Delek Logistics

3 July 6 Click here for Link to Week 3 Session

Business Model & Transformation

Modern Business Models and Growth  – Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Effective Organizational Change Management – Omowunmi Adenuga-Taiwo (ex Strategy Consulting Manager Deloitte)

Sector Transformation: Ecommerce – Olufemi S. Aiki, Co-Founder, Foodlocker

4 July 13 Click here for Link to Week 4 Session

Exponential Technologies and Singularity

– Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions, Inc (TAFFD), Georgia, USA.

Edward Hudgins, PhD
Chogwu Abdul, PhD
Gennady Stolyarov II
Brent Ellman

5 July 20 Click here for link to Week 5 session

New Technologies, Growth, Disruptive Innovation

–         Cybersecurity – Adetokunbo Omotosho, CEO, Infoprive

–          Blockchain – Franklin Peters, CEO, Bitfxt

–          AI &  Cloud – Wale Olokodana, Azure Business, Microsoft

–          Data Management, Big Data Analytics – Dr Adewole C. Ogunyadeka, esure Group Plc

6 July 27 Click here for link to Week 6 session


Access “The Dangote System” book here


Finance, Investing, Fundraising

Investing and Fundraising – Victor Ndukauba, Deputy Managing Director, Afrinvest West Africa

Capital Market Operations – Azeez Lawal, CFO, TrustBanc Group

Personal Finance and Wealth Management – Japheth Jev, CIMA(UK), CGMA, ACA, Japheth Consulting

7 Aug 3 Click here for link to Week 7 session

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Systems and Management – Ayodele Adenaike, COO, GIG Logistics

Outlook on Supply Chain Management – Luiz Paulo Silva Barreto, Graduate of MIT Supply Chain Management

Logistics – Samuel Akinniyi Ajiboyede, CEO, Zido Logistics

Lab #1 – Tekedia Institute

8 Aug 10 Click here for link to Week 8 session

Marketing, Sales Management & Business Objectives

Sales Management, Marketing and Growth – Moby Onuoha, Queen’s University

Stimulating New Markets Through Innovation And Perception Demand – Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Execution – Business Objectives and Technologies, Nnamdi Onyebuchi, CEO, Weco Systems Group

9 Aug 17 Click here for link to Week 9 session

Modelling – Financial & Career

Building Your Business Financial Models (templates included) – Michael Olafusi, Financial Analyst Fellow, Brightmore Capital; Lead Consultant, UrBizEdge

Career and Jobs During Pandemic – Captain Ola Olubawale, CEO, Seamate Australia

Career Planning – Precious Ajoonu, Manager, Jobberman

10 Aug 24 Click here for link to Week 10 session

Leadership and Human Capital

Business Process and Leadership –  Prof. Ayodeji Oyebola, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Human Resources Management .- Adora Ikwuemesi, Director Kendor Consulting

Leading and Managing Teams, Stakeholder Management with NICER Model  – Dr. Chisom Ezeocha, Project Delivery Manager, Shell

11 Aug 31 Click here for link to Week 11 session

Media, Branding and Design 

Media, Communications, and PR – Grace Akinosun, CEO, smepeaks

Branding and Advertising – Akachi Ngwu, Executive Director/COO, Luzo Digital Network & Media

Product Design and Packaging – Kemisola Oloriegbe, Manager, Nigerian Breweries Plc

12 Sept 7 Click here for link to Week 12 session 

Sector Innovation and Focus: Case Studies

– Fintech – Olugbenga GB Agboola, CEO, Flutterwave and Eze Samuel Chukwunonso, CEO, Pass

– EdTech – ‘Dimeji Falana, CEO, Edves

– Agtech –  Ndubuisi Ekekwe, Founder, Zenvus

– HealthTech – Enoh John, CEO, Lafiya TeleHealth

13 Sept 14 Click here for link to Week 13 session

Lab #2 – Tekedia Institute

Winning in Business Review Week

Edition Break

14 Sept 21 Click here for link to Week 14 session 

Global Markets & Projects

 Supply Chain Management, Global Partnership & Contracting – Adebayo Adeleke, ex-Chief of Contracting and Deputy Chief, Business Operations Division, US Army

 Effective Project Management – Taiwo Abraham, Project Manager, Horizant

15 Sept 28 Click here for link to Week 15 session

Accounting & Auditing

Auditing, Forensics, Policies and Controls – Yusuf O. Sanni (ACA), Chief Internal Auditor, BUA Cement Plc

Accounting, Building Sustainable Enterprises – Ndubuisi Umunna (ACA), Head Finance Accounts & Admin, Royal Exchange

Effective Financial Planning and Management – Okpaise Kenneth, Financial Advisory Manager, AIICO Insurance Plc

16 Oct 5  Click here to link to Week 16 session

Law, Contracting & Globalization

Business & Commercial Law  – Chukwuemeka Mbah (LLB, BL, LLM) Law, Manager, Sherwin Williams

Contracting, Negotiation and IP – Jeff Chineme Maduka (LLB, BL, LLM), Snr Legal Manager, American Tower

17 Oct 12 Click here to link to Week 17 session

Sustainability & Risk Management

Disruptive Sustainability Innovation for Long Term Business Growth – Eustace Onuegbu, President, incsr.org

Sustainability Strategy and Social Innovation – Temitayo Ade-Peters, CEO, We For Good

Lab #3 – Tekedia Institute

18 Oct 19 Click here to link to Week 18 session

Execution & Growth

Driving Profitable Growth, Marginal Cost, Scaling – Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Unlocking Business Agility with Learning & Numbers – Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Managerial Accounting, Business Decision Making and Growth – Idris Ayinde, ACA, CFA, KPMG UK

Oct 29


Click here for the closure session

The Call to Execution (Summary) – Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Report , Closure

Career Week Nov 2-7, 2020: Connect via this link


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74 THOUGHTS ON Digital Board for Tekedia Mini-MBA Edition 2 (June 22 – Oct 22)

  1. I am glad to be a part of this mini MBA edition 2. i am certain i will make a tremendous contribution to the advancement of the company where i work.

      • Prof,
        I observe you have a lot of live data and information on many companies and systems. For someone who wants to carry out a details market research in Nigeria, what are the sources of data and information. I ask this given that information throws out a lot of garbage.

  2. So anxious and excited to be part of this journey, This is actually my first time of coming out of my circle box,hope this 4month journey will be worth the while,thank you in advance

  3. Dear Prof, Ndubuisi,
    I registered to participate in the mini-MBA starting tomorrow, what time is it starting?
    I reside and work in Ghana, which is 1hr less than Nigeria, can you please advise me the time schedule please, to plan my self and my calendar..

    Highly expectant participant,

  4. To show how serious I have taken the Tekedia Mini-MBA, I decided to use it as a break since I have not gone for vacation for the past three years, installed unlimited internet access, established a company, resigned from my work, all just to concentrate on the course for the next four (4) months. I hope to have a positive story to tell after the completion of the course by God’s grace.

        • You cannot see the links to Week 1 and Week 2 on this page? Let me know which content you cannot see. You need to be clear for us to help you. If you go to Week 1, you will see a link to the contents. The same for Week 2. This is what to click “Click here for Link to Week 1 Session”. Then login to access the weekly content.

        • Do this and you will be fine. Type your email address carefully…….If that does not work, send your Whatsapp to team, they will call. But try it, making sure your email is typed well.

          We have created your account with your email address we have (the very one you are receiving this email). Visit this link https://www.tekedia.com/my-account/lost-password/ to get your password. Type your email and click “Reset password”. (If you currently have a Tekedia account, we have updated your status. Move to step 3 below.)

          Then go to your email box, and click the link in a new email from Tekedia titled “Password Reset Request for Tekedia”. Type any password of your choice; repeat the same in the space provided. Then click SAVE. You have completed your account setting.

          To test that everything is working fine, visit this link https://www.tekedia.com/my-account/ and try to login with your email and the new password you have created. If successful, you made it.

          Then visit this link https://www.tekedia.com/dboard2/ . You may decide to read the short instructions therein.

  5. Good Morning Prof,
    I really enjoyed the lectures delivered yesterday at first hearing, with that I believe by the time I go through it all over again, I will understand it more. Interestingly how the lecture on Digital Transformation, Innovation & Strategy has pointed out what I should be doing on my newly born business, I’m trying to start a business on buying and selling of already made clothes for women and children, food stuff and as well as other things which my customers will be asking for. I believe that at the end, I will get the directions I need to commence my business and as well as sustain it.

    Thank you.

  6. Good Morning Prof,
    I really enjoyed the lectures delivered yesterday at first hearing, with that I believe by the time I go through it all over again, I will understand it more. Interestingly how the lecture on Digital Transformation, Innovation & Strategy has pointed out what I should be doing on my newly born business, I’m trying to start a business on buying and selling of already made clothes for women and children, food stuff and as well as other things which my customers will be asking for. I believe that at the end, I will get the directions I need to commence my business and as well as sustain it.

    Thank you.

  7. This year I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey with Tekedia Mini-MBA. I am so excited to take this decision. Over the years I focused primarily on software development without entrepreneurial skills and this slows down my success financially. One day I stumbled on a book, a Jewish business principles book and I read a passage that says that successful people are entrepreneurs and to be successful you need to transition your professional skills into entrepreneurship. The insights gained in this week1 of the program has already created an upsurge believe in me that the future is better than I earlier thought

    Thank you so much prof.

  8. I can’t join the Whatsapp group because the group is full and can’t find the link to join the telegram and slack groups. Please assist.

  9. Navigating to this page from the home page is not that easy when using a mobile phone. The “mini-MBA” link on the menu tab still links to mini-MBA 1st edition. I think that should updated.

  10. Hello Prof. I have registered for this second edition Mini-MBA. I was sent the email with instructions on setting a password. I can login to the site ,see the courses but can’t access them to begin. This is the second week. I’ve emailed the team, they keep sending me the same email. This is not the first time I’m taking an online course. This is not only frustrating,but time wasting. I wish I could send you snapshots of the pages I get redirected to whenever I click on the “login as a member” option. Please sir, help resolve this as soon as possible.

  11. Please how can I get access to the slack or WhatsApp team, to enable me interact with other course mates??? Please help thanks

  12. Hi Prof.
    I had access difficulties this morning with the webinar. Is there an offline version recorded which I can view?
    Thanks KR John

  13. Hello Prof….. I seem to be missing a lot in this program, I have not been punctual with the live classes for reasons not intentional… Please how can I have access to the webinar and the class discussion… Thank you

  14. @Prof. N. Ekekwe, when will the Week 3 link become active? I believe there is a webinar at 11 AM today to make up for some of the issues from Saturday. Are you planning to put up the Week3 link after this webinar?

  15. Goodday Prof,is there a platform like whattapp group or telegram group ?will like to join to get update.secondly,due to nature of job missed live sessions,is there a link to watch the session video.Thank you sir for this great opportunity the journey so far has been great and insightful.

  16. Good Afternoon Prof, my objectives for the programme is in three folds: 1. Becoming a better process champion in my present responsibility, 2. Establish an investment club and 3. Leveraging on digital channels to optimised supply chain. Within three weeks, the objectives are getting clearer Thank you for putting up this progrmme.

  17. Good morning Prof, how do I asses the early bird bonus for second edition ( Africa’s Sankofa Innovation and the free cyber security)?

    Thank you.
    Ijeoma Uduma Etea.

  18. This is my response to John’s feedback:

    In one of our sessions, I used the “Intel Inside” campaign as a case study on perception branding. One of our co-learners, John Mc Keown, has some perspectives. He has called it “Inside Out” branding and also did some postulations on the effectiveness of the Intel Corp campaign.  Reading his feedback, we are largely on the same page.

    AMD, then a major competitor of Intel on processors for laptops and desktops, had protracted years of stock value erosion. Wall Street did not give it any chance as Intel took over the air, even though AMD technology was not evidently poor.

    So, in that case, Intel “slaughtered” AMD with that campaign through an effective change of the perception of users and Wall Street. AMD stock tanked; Intel stock rose. But nothing changed on core technologies – a campaign was the difference.

    • You submit Lab if you paid the extra N10k. Otherwise, you keep it. Lab #1 comes next week, we will provide instructions in lecture notes on how to submit the Lab for Review/feedback for those who paid for that.

  19. Am impressed prof. the lectures are have been great. The books subjected by Edward Hudgins, PHD. are great books, and his presentation is mind stimulating. The live discuss and subsequent video post was a superb idea, timing might be a great challenge for some of us.

    How can we get the hard copy of the Dangote Book? most of us might not be chanced to read it online …. is the e-copy available?

  20. I started this Mini-MBA as an employee (100%) Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, I am finishing as a prospective employer of labour.

    During the course, I noticed a friction which I could fix comfortable while still being employed, I took advantage of my already existing contacts in my present industry to set up what would become “the most audacious wine outlet East of the Niger” That is, Embassey Wine World.

    We are launching on the 8th of November 2020, our flagship office is at #43 Udi Street, by Owerri Road Umuahia (opposite Shoprite main gate) Abia State.

    We hope to “satisfy our customers by providing Original Products at the Best Prices”.

    Many thanks to Tekedia Academy for the new constructs learned while the programme lasted.

  21. We have just completed the last of our drilling contracts in West Africa and coupled with the harsh economic realities of Covid-19, many of us were redundant. I had a passion to set up a consulting outfit but with limited vision. However, half way into this project, I already knew what I wanted. It is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. We provide Business Process Services in various fields (like HR & Training, Marketing, Accounting, Supply Chain, Admin & Management etc.) to start ups and SMEs. We target people in paid employment that want to set up side hustles and we can provide full management services. Our services are on commission. We are in Lagos and Port Harcourt and we have started having interested clients already. We will still require a lot of support in many areas and partnerships.

    Many thanks to TEKEDIA. I will be willing to attend many more of your quality courses. Before I was blind but now I can see. INNOVATION

  22. Good day,

    Is it possible to make the professor’s book (AFRICA’S SANKOFA INNOVATION) accessible here on the MINI-MBA SESSION 2 digital board, like it was done with the DANGOTE SYSTEM book on week 6, to make it easily accessible?

  23. Thanks for your quick response professor. I managed to gain access to your book via the above link. After reading the preamble, I think it is a powerful book that every African should read and have as a tool to drive innovation here in Continental Africa by the Africans here and in the diaspora.

    • Your course is still here – you will have access till June next year. Take your time and go through it now that you have time. We understand that some received promotions and could not find time. But now that things are re-settling with holidays coming, you can get all done.

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