Brace Up and Cross the Rivers!

Brace Up and Cross the Rivers!

If you don’t like where you are, move; you are not a tree.

The Serengeti, located in East Africa, holds a phenomenal event every year. It’s the Great Wildebeest Migration. This is the movement of vast numbers of the Serengeti’s wildebeest accompanied by large numbers of zebra and smaller numbers of gazelle, eland and impala.

Trailing the rain and its provisions of fresh grazing, better quality water and opportunity for procreation, the herds must cross two great and dangerous rivers on their paths from the hinterland of Tanzania to the Masai Mara in the southern fringes of Kenya and back to where they set off.

The Mara and the Grumeti rivers are notoriously populated by large crocodiles that feast on these herds as they cross their territories. Across the great rivers are survival, abundance, and safety. There is no middle ground, the herds must brace up and cross the rivers or perish!

And so it is with man in the pursuit of better opportunities, he must migrate, and in his course, must cross his rivers in perpetuity. The herds in the Serengeti have been traversing this route for thousands of years in the same manner as their forebears, facing the same perils year after year. If only they could think beyond their natural limits, maybe they could build a bridge over the Mara and the Grumeti and never again be eaten by the crocs.

It is a good thing we are higher creatures that can acquire capabilities that expand our capacities to go beyond chasing to creating opportunities. To capture and create these opportunities, we must first plan our paths to the destination identifying the rivers we must cross. Your river could be your job that has boxed you into the rat race. It could be your environment with unequal opportunities created by inept political leadership. Is it the small scale you have operated your business on without access to the knowledge to become a category king firm? Is your river your mindset that you can’t think outside the box to achieve your potential? Your river could also be your current social network, relationship, and perspective.

Around these rivers, you would want to “invent, innovate and drive organizational transformation and growth. Capture emerging opportunities in changing markets while optimizing innovation and profitability. Digitally evolve your business or functional area, turning digital interruptions into competitive capability and advantage. Master the concept of building category king companies and thrive.”

Did I hear you say let’s do this? Then, welcome to Tekedia Institute where they run an amazing business school which has attracted professionals and students from 38 countries. Faculty members come from Microsoft, Shell, Flutterwave, Nigerian Breweries, Jobberman, Coca Cola, and other great organizations. Thrice weekly, Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe, the Lead Faculty, personally coordinates Zoom live sessions on the mechanics of business systems. Faculties and guests are brought together on sessions covering industries and business domains.

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