Buhari’s BIG 2023 Revelation

Buhari’s BIG 2023 Revelation

Who becomes APC flagbearer in 2023? President Buhari responds: ““I just told you we started from bottom up. And I gave the acting Chairman (Mala Buni) the end of this month of June…to give me report on the convention we are going to conduct and then arrange the elections and started this from bottom up.

“So, members of the party will feel they are involved in decision making. Nobody is just sitting in Lagos and asking them what to do.”

Did you get that part…“sitting in Lagos ”.

Again, he said, “succession plan depends on the party. We are going to leave it to the party. The party will sit and make a decision.”

Since 2015 when APC came to power, Mr Tinubu has continued to face challenges from other party leaders, denying him a firm grip on the party.

He was instrumental to the exit of former chairman John Odigie-Oyegun but his struggle to save Mr Odigie-Oyegun’s successor, Adam Oshiomhole, failed last year. Mr Oshiomhole is a key ally of Mr Tinubu.

This 2023 in Nigeria is going to be really intriguing. I am also updating my call that Bola Tinubu will pick this up to a “toss” between a governor and a senator in the northern part of the nation, if APC goes with bottom-up model, since more delegates are in the north.

But who can predict what will happen if they pass Tinubu? Yes, Tinubu joins PDP and runs as Vice President under Atiku Abubakar. After all both of them met in the airport a few days ago!

NB: All businesses in the world are united under politics because the biggest business in markets is politics. I am a political junkie. If you do not like politics, move to other topics. But I cannot be spending money in economies without paying attention to politics!

Ahead on 2023 – The Bola Tinubu and David Umahi Presidential Ticket


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One thought on “Buhari’s BIG 2023 Revelation

  1. Buhari used that line of ‘sitting in Lagos’ twice in that interview, so from his demeanour, it’s understandable that he would NOT want Tinubu to succeed him. But that’s irrelevant, both of them are misfits for a contemporary Nigeria, their continued relevance is part of the calamities bedevilling Nigeria.

    Tinubu is unfit to be president, first, because he’s too greedy, and second, because he’s both ethically and morally compromised.

    Once we start analysing Buhari, Tinubu, Atiku and their equivalence, with respect to future of Nigeria, we are automatically wishing Nigeria bad luck.

    Enough said.


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