By Using US Companies, Some African Startups Are Expanding Their Markets

The company pitched itself on its site thus:


At 2CO we have helped over 100,000 customers launch a business on-line. Whether you are selling hosting services, your grandmother’s favorite cookies, handmade crafts for extra income or software that you have being developing in your garage, 2CO can help put your business on the map. 2CO’s payment and e-commerce services help you accept payments from a variety of credit and alternative payment types and we help you manage fraud and credit card security so that your customers will keep coming back for many happy returns. With over 10 years experience in e-commerce payments, 2CO is a trusted partner to help you reach your business goals. Come grow with us!


It is an American company with office in Ohio. But look at this website, Notice that 2CO is an authorized  retailer for this site: “ is an authorized retailer for goods and services  provided by Tickets4U”


There is a new business emerging now in Africa. High volume websites bring US  companies to help them collect their money. They are not depending on the debit card operations that are presently being offered by many African banks. And this service seems to be cheap and affordable.


So, next time you are thinking of how to collect money from your international customers, you can look for US companies that can help you do that. At the end of the month, they will send you Western Union. After all, that is how Google pays for AdSense in East Africa right now.

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