Chams Is Innovation In The Future Sense – Yet, Trading at N0.50. Tech Companies Lag In Nigeria Stock Exchange

We call it the curse of public technology companies in Nigeria. Nigerian investors do not value the technology companies in the nation very well. Omatek, the computer distributor is barely on the list of the Nigeria Stock Exchange. Now comes Chams Plc which is somewhere in N0.50. So, the big question: why are these companies playing in an expanding economy while investors do not see any gain? It is just unfortunate because we think that these companies have competitive spaces to do well in a big economy like Nigeria.


Champs Plc is delivering services and has the experience to drive the new emerging economy in Nigeria. It is a company of Nigerian origin and they hope to be extremely influential and highly visible in global technologies. They entrust God in their company vision:


Our trusted cutting edge technologies will enhance the quality of lives in manners that glorify God. We would be the employer of first choice.


Our Vision

To be the leading provider of innovative technologies that improve the quality of lives.


Our Mission

To design and deploy innovative and beneficial technologies, while creating values for our stakeholders


Chams in its SIM card service offerings must discover the mojo to make sense of the innovation in the future sense. We think this company is not well valued by the market. It is far better than what it is trading today.

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This was the same company that is partnering with Nigeria Communication Commission to deliver on the SIM card registration:


Mobile telephone subscribers with more than one GSM and CDMA phone lines in Lagos State can now register their Subscribers Identity Module (SIM) Cards, at a single registration point within the next six months, courtesy of the strategic partnership between Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and Chams Plc.


Chams Plc, the leading indigenous identity management and e-payment systems company, is the private sector solutions provider partner engaged by the NCC to deliver SIM card registration solution that covers all mobile phone operators in Lagos State, including CDMA and fixed lines. The company has the mandate to capture detailed subscriber profiles and data in a manner that facilitates its seamless integration into the existing National Identity Database.


Tekedia thinks it has got some values that is more than N0.50 per unit of share.

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