China Bars Nigeria Over Covid-19 Pandemic

China Bars Nigeria Over Covid-19 Pandemic

It is what it is – China bars Nigerians into China as it works to manage Covid-19 pandemic. While that may seem tough since the virus originated from China, China has to do what it has to do. It is a lesson for everyone: if you are not decisive in protecting your citizens, out of concern of what many people will say, if the chip flips, that country will teach you a lesson on how to act to protect economic and national security. .

China has temporarily suspended entry of Nigerians into the country over Covid-19 concerns.

The Chinese embassy in Nigeria on Thursday said it would no longer issue certified health declaration form for non-Chinese nationals in the country, citing Covid-19 concerns.

In a statement, it said, “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, China has decided to temporarily suspend entry into China by non-Chinese nationals in Nigeria holding visas or residence permits still valid at the time of this announcement.”

It added that people that hold diplomatic, service, courtesy or C (for staff working on planes, trains and ships) visas are exempt from the new restrictions, and that those needing to visit for emergency needs are still able to apply for visas at embassies.

No pity. No mercy. It is all permanent interest. Yes, allow Chinese citizens in Nigeria, into China, but block Nigerians with permanent residence into China – it seems not balanced.


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