Confirmed As Distinguished Speaker for United Nations 3rd PAGE Ministerial Conference

Confirmed As Distinguished Speaker for United Nations 3rd PAGE Ministerial Conference

Today, I accepted the invitation of the United Nations to speak as a Distinguished Speaker during the 3rd PAGE Ministerial Conference in South Africa. The Conference will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, on 10-11 January 2019.

The Executive Director, United Nations Environment (Erik Solheim); Director General, International Labour Organization (Guy Ryder); and Republic of South Africa’s Minister of Environmental Affairs (Derek Hanekom) co-signed the invitation letter.

It is our obligations as global citizens to ensure that the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change are achieved. We must engineer new processes in business systems across industrial sectors to turn red economies (nations with massive inequalities) into greener ones where environments win even as citizens thrive economically.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe with former UN Secretary General

Yes, it is not just the trees and rivers that need help; kids across African cities are still begging and hawking on roads when they should be in schools. That is even a greater call in building greener economies: it must be green for man before he can enjoy greens. Inclusive growths that scale abundance to ALL are desperately needed across our economies.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe

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Feed all the kids, send them to school; with these two, you have essentially taken care of the body and mind, and as a consequence – less spending on healthcare. Is it too much to ask? We have the farmlands, so technically, you do not need to import food, just farm and create abundance of food. With technology, that of education can be democratized; encouraging resource sharing.

Then the adults can tackle other serious issues, with the value chain involved in taking care of the first two. And before you know it, Africa would rise and use local knowledge to address the amalgam of challenges facing the continent.

But somehow, we believe that the solutions are domiciled in New York and Beijing, so we keep looking at those two places, and many more people are becoming hungry…

Well, the first step towards environmental sustainability is stomach sustainability, anything short of that would fail before it even starts.

I wish you happy presentation, just let the men and women in suit know that Africans no longer pay attention to long speeches, they just want ACTION; the type even a child in the womb could feel its impacts.

God bless Africa!


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