Critical African cyber-security partnership reached

Critical African cyber-security partnership reached

Yaoundé (Cameroon) and Pittsburgh (USA) February 22 2017: K10 CASA Consulting Cameroon and First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (Facyber), USA have entered into a game changing cybersecurity strategic partnership to facilitate and penetrate cybersecurity and digital forensics education in continental Africa.

K10 Casa Consulting, a leading strategic consulting and education process redesign firm in Africa, will facilitate the dissemination of Facyber’s cybersecurity module throughout French speaking Africa. This module will play a crucial role in cybersecurity readiness and protection as Africa emerges from the ‘old world’into the digital age.

Facyber, a U.S-based cybersecurity institute and a member of the prestigious IBM PartnerWorld, already operating in Nigeria, will now be available in French speaking Africa. This will help governments, businesses and schools develop and build manpower capabilities to protect, harden and secure Africa’s digital space.

“Across Africa, cyber-attacks continue to increase as digital adoption accelerates,” says Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe, the Chairman of Facyber. “Facyber is structured to provide training to professionals and students in all key areas of cybersecurity and digital forensics; from cybersecurity policy to cybersecurity technology, and from cybersecurity management to cybersecurity intelligence.”

Key clients for this cyber security module are government ministries, schools, small and large businesses, police, military and airports.

“This is a great partnership for us,” says Prince Etienne Ketcha, the CEO of K10 CASA Consulting. “We’ve just added to our roster of consultants, a strategic partner, a leader in developing and implementing cyber security training that will keep African nations and businesses safe.”

Ekekwe, an American inventor, who holds a PhD in electrical and computer engineering from Johns Hopkins University, is one of the world’s leading technology experts. As Chairman of Fasmicro Group, he controls businesses in microelectronics, software and robotics.

With expertise in strategy and managing consulting, strategic planning, and corporate strategy, K10 CASA Consulting is a House of Experts, linking world business specialists to Africa and Africa to the world.

We welcome Africa to the world of peaceful digital business and ask you to begin the cybersecurity capabilities with us.


For Further Information please contact:

K10 CASA Consulting Africa

Ancien Immeuble Ringo, Nylon-Bastos

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Phone: +237 697 405 721

[email protected]


Facyber, USA

7429 Lighthouse PT,

Pittsburgh, PA 15221 USA

[email protected]


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