CTD 2020 Keynote – Business and Learning Agility by Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe [Video]

CTD 2020 Keynote – Business and Learning Agility by Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe [Video]

This is my keynote at the Champions of Talent Development (CTD) 2020 Conference. My presentation was titled “Business and Learning Agility”. I spoke on Wednesday October 14, 2020. The presentation has value if you have a few minutes to spare.

From Chima Onunwa’ summary on LinkedIn:

  • Here are my key takeaways from the session;
  • Businesses have one obligation and that is to fix market friction that exists between demand and supply
  • If you understand the numbers in anything, the better placed you are to improve that thing
  • The best companies today are not those that have the best products in the last 20 years but those that can re-invent themselves
  • Perception in business means offering customers something (products or services) they never knew they needed but see the essentiality of that product/service after their experience
  • 21st-century talent managers and champions are going to be people who can lead companies beyond building products of needs or products of expectation but products of perception
  • Innovation= Invention + Commercialization
  • For businesses, it’s not just about moving within a particular market domain but to accumulate knowledge, deploy knowledge in the market, and create a new basis of competition.

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