ElectronicPA Is Ready To Assist You – Ghanian Startup Changing The Game. Let SMS Run Your Appointment

The mission is simple: Never be late or miss an appointment. You will receive sms and voice call to your cell phone.


That is what Garage48 Accra creation has in mind to do. It plans to redesign the whole process of appointment, by taking it to the domains of SMS, emails and more.


So Africans, you cannot afford to have African time, because ElectronicPA is here. Experience this idea on their website (still on Beta though). This is your digital or electronic personal assistant. You can cal it a secretary, depending on where you are.


ElectronicPA – electronic personalized assistant, helping setting appointments, meetings, giving also personalized reminders via SMS, voice calls and e-mails. An on-line secretary.
URL: electronicpa.com
Twitter: @ElectronicPA

Youtube: ElectronicPA
Team members: Emmanuel Eshun-Davies, Stephanie Kuwornoo, Archzilon Eshun-Davies, Sylvia Pimpong, Benard Kelvin Clive, Desire Clarke, Henry Harrison

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