English Language Is An Option Not A Sanction

English Language Is An Option Not A Sanction

Sometimes I begin to wonder how many opportunities we miss just because one man’s language is set as a standard in another man’s land. This language is being set a standard to validate everyday sense of belonging and to determine an indigenes level of acceptance, even into an opportunity ecosystem that abounds within his environment.

The pride in speaking this funny language has skyrocketed the ego of so many people. “Nkea bu aru”! This somehow terrifies a gentle mind. 

Everyday we hear, innovation is relevant for growth, but I never heard that speaking another man’s language is a relevant innovation, hence solutions such as google translator wouldn’t be relevant. 

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English language is just one among many effective tools of communication just as Hindi, Igbo, Swahili, Hausa, Spanish, Yoruba amongst many others, are. 

The major problem nowadays is that people put the Tool before the Message. We place the fine American intonation ahead of the real message. That is why, today, so many people are talking on the media, but a few are actually communicating. 

Story: A team member decided to watch her organization from afar just because of perceiving language as a barrier. And the worst of it all is, the idea of allowing the inability to communicate in this foreign language to gain more force through inferiority complex. When these two unwelcomed forces join together; even the finest brain suffers kwashiorkor.

Well, the team is not to be blamed for letting go, because they have always had an open hand to accommodate every member no matter the situation. 

  • Language is not a barrier when your team understands your sign language. By Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo.

Did you notice that the majority of our messages lose its taste, information and meaning the moment you try to translate them into foreign language. That is why the likes of Vladimir Putin amongst other world grand leaders stick with their mother tongue. If you do not understand what they are saying, then you are not supposed to be there or find you a translator.

English language just like certificates should really be treated as secondary players to skills, and value one has to offer. Else, the process of innovation may experience lots of strain and loss of rudimentary values. 

And you dear reader; if you cannot understand your neighbors language directly you have a choice; either use translators if you really find the situation necessary or change your environment to where you are the speaker and others can understand you very well. The latter is not really a very advisable choice because the world still needs each other. So learn to embrace technology innovations that are aimed at making life easy. And enjoy the blessing of a team that is ready to wait until you translate your message. It is a great treasure. But do not leave just yet. Do not miss opportunities just because of language barriers.

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