Ever Missed A Customer On Your Site? Now You Got A Solution. Nigerian Chatslab Ensures You Are There When They Arrive


Of course you have imagined how to engage all the customers that visit your site without missing a single one. You wished you can engage them on sales pitch immediately they arrive. Now, you have a solution. Lagos based Chatslab is the answer.  If you sign up to their services, you will receive a whole lot of value. Sales High, Customer Service High^2.


These are some of the features of Chatslab


  • Visitor Monitoring and Proactive Chats

Chatslab gives you real-time information on your website visitors including ip, country, time on the site, visitor footprint, and location on Google Maps. You can even initiate a direct chat request to any visitor on your site

  • Detect visitors location automatically (geolocation)

The location of all new chat requests show up right in the invite. So you know where each visitor is chatting from. You can view the geo location of prior chat conversations as well as live site visitors.

  • Custom Branding

Chatslab offers powerful customization that lets modify every aspect of the chat window. Customize the layout, font, and size of your customer facing chat window. You can also create your own online/offline buttons.

  • Gmail and Google Talk Chat Integration

We’ve integrated chatslab directly with Google. If you have a Gmail account, you can immediately start answering chat requests in Gmail, Google Talk, or any instant messenger that supports Google Talk such as iChat, Pidgin, or Adium. Therefore anyone in your organization can respond to customer questions wherever and whenever.

  • Mobile Phone Support

Chatslab allows you answer your live chats right from your mobile phone. You can chat anywhere where Google Talk is supported. This includes iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Palm Pre support.

  • Intelligent Chat Routing

Route live chats to specific agents based on department or topic. Just create a list of departments for your chat window, add operators to each department based on their skills, and you’re ready to go.

Chat History Management 

A search link is automatically sent in chat request invites to quickly search prior conversations with the visitor, view geo location on Google Maps, and view details browser information.

  • Multiple Language Support
Chatslab supports multiple languages for both the chat window and operator interaction. Just choose the language you’d like your visitors to see when customizing your chat window. You can then customize the messages for your needs.
  • Support for Multiple Websites and Domains

Support as many chat windows as you like in each domain of your choice. Customize the look and brand for each domain so that you can manage many sites from one simple interface and from one Gmail account.

  • Chat Transfer Between Operators

Transfer chats real-time to other available operators right from your Instant Messenger window without interrupting the client chat.



How Chatslab Works


1. Sign Up

Create your account your chatslab account by filling our brief signup form.
2. Link to your Gmail/Google Talk Account.

To use Chatslab, you need to have a gmail address or with any Google Hosted email domain. if you use Google Apps for your business, we’re fine. Once you’ve signed up, create your operator and accept the chat request from our gmail chat bots ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected]).

3. Drop the Code on your website

All you need to do is copy and paste a code into your website and away you go. You can also customize the live chat window to your needs.

4. Login to Google Talk from your Blackberry, Computer or any other supported device

Sign in to google talk with your blackberry, gmail, or any other client / device that supports google tal

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