Facebook Could Delay Its IPO With The New Bill in U.S. Congress

A Bill in Congress would enable companies like Zynga, Facebook and Twitter, among others to forgo IPOs despite reaching the 500 investor marks. In the US, 500 is the number that companies must begin to report financial health to the Security and Exchange Commission and that process often leads to an IPO.


This new bill will set a new number of 1000 and that excludes employees, and some really wealthy investors from the list. So the fun companies can stay out of the public while they garner all the dollars they nee, privately.


Of course, they will surely report and go IPO one day and when the company may be stale or already stale. Then mom and dad investors will take up the crumbs from the masters. The more Facebook delays IPO, the more the ordinary investors lose out. That is what it is .

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