Tekedia Mini-MBA Faculty Shares His Session Outline on Singularities and Entrepreneurship

Tekedia Mini-MBA Faculty Shares His Session Outline on Singularities and Entrepreneurship

Gennady Stolyarov II,  an American libertarian and transhumanist author known for his book “Death is Wrong”, graduated from college with triple majors in economics, German, and mathematics.  He is the Chairman of the  U.S. Transhumanist Party. He just shared the outline of his session in Tekedia Mini-MBA.

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I have been working past midnight during the past week to deliver a new online course sequence in collaboration with the Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions (TAFFDs) to contribute to the Tekedia Institute Mini-MBA course program, based in Nigeria. This is an opportunity to teach about 50 African business students about transhumanism, the concept of Technological Singularity (or Singularities, in my view), entrepreneurship, progress, and how to cultivate the faculties of awareness and techno-optimism in a rapidly changing world.

My course contribution includes 10 pre-recorded videos, written content, and interactive case studies where I will personally read and respond to student answers to questions designed to provoke thought about a future that will differ vastly from the past and present.

Here is an outline of the 10 lessons that I will be teaching for this course:

Singularities and Transhumanism

  1. Technological Singularities: An Overview
  2. Transhumanism as the Logical Extrapolation of Humanism
  3. Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Free Markets
  4. Transformation of Life and Work in the Transhuman Era


  1. Progress: Creation and Maintenance
  2. Unstructured Leisure and Progress
  3. Individual Empowerment through Emerging Technologies: Virtual Tools for a Better Physical World
  4. Benefits of Accelerating Technological Progress for Human Well-Being


  1. Israel Kirzner’s Views on Entrepreneurship and Applications to the Age of Accelerating Technological Advancement
  2. Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Emerging Technologies

I am excited by the interest that students and instructors in Africa are showing in these ideas. It is my impression that Africa is undergoing its own Age of Enlightenment right now, and this shows in the attitudes of many who seek to introduce, cultivate, and spread knowledge of the vast possibilities that the technological future holds. I would be honored for my work to help the next generation of African entrepreneurs and business leaders to become our partners in building the Transhuman Era for all humankind.


Source: Personal Facebook


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