Tekedia Mini-MBA Partners Startup Arewa To Develop 10,000 Innovators of Tomorrow

Tekedia Mini-MBA Partners Startup Arewa To Develop 10,000 Innovators of Tomorrow

Tekedia Institute has entered a partnership with StartUp Arewa, the largest business development ecosystem in northern Nigeria, to train, develop and prepare 10,000 professionals, innovators, founders and entrepreneurs on management and leadership.  The Institute looks to the promise of working with MOHAMMED IBRAHIM JEGA, Founder of Startup Arewa, to accelerate economic development and advance the wellbeing of the citizens through entrepreneurial capitalism.  As a result of this partnership,  the Institute will share a public statement on June 29.


Press release on below.

Startup Arewa and Tekedia Institute today announced a new global partnership to provide quality business management skills to innovators, professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs in the northern part of Nigeria. The goal is to prepare the innovators and equip them for opportunities in changing markets.

This is a sustained partnership to train, empower and develop 10,000 people with cutting edge management skills of the 21st century over the next two years.

Tekedia Institute offers an innovation management 4-month program, optimized for business execution and growth, with digital operational overlay. It runs 100% online. The theme is Innovation, Growth & Digital Execution – Techniques for Building Category-King Companies. All contents are self-paced, recorded and archived which means participants do not have to be at any scheduled time to consume contents.

The training comprises videos, flash cases, written materials and webinars delivered online. A certificate is issued to participants by Tekedia Institute USA at the completion of the program.

Startup Arewa is a non-profit organization established to empower and promote Northern Nigerian tech startups and have been at the forefront of driving Northern tech innovation ecosystem since 2016, with a well-structured mentorship plan to mentor the start-ups and also provide financial support through networks of angel investors funding program by giving out grants, non–interest loans and equity investment to start-ups.

The collaboration will help reach young people across the Startup Arewa ecosystem and members will be given support to participate in the Tekedia Mini – MBA.

Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe, the Lead Faculty of Tekedia Mini-MBA said, “At Tekedia Institute, we are pioneering a new way of developing manpower of the 21st century. Participants from at least 30 countries are joining us in our next edition. Working with Startup Arewa, we will help young people accelerate their leadership and management capabilities towards building stronger entrepreneurial systems, to advance our nation, and improve the wellbeing of the citizens”.

Responding, the Founder of Startup Arewa, Mohammed Jega, said, “Startup Arewa is building an ecosystem of innovators through structured mentoring and skills development. Our partnership with Tekedia Institute will further deepen our mission to serve the innovators and makers of the future”.


Meanwhile, to register for Tekedia Mini-MBA, click here https://www.tekedia.com/programs/


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One thought on “Tekedia Mini-MBA Partners Startup Arewa To Develop 10,000 Innovators of Tomorrow

  1. Sounds good. This is the type of news I want to be hearing from Northern Nigeria, and not one depressing news or how a governor did youth ’empowerment’, including sponsoring marriages for people without jobs; I do not consider such gestures to be uplifting.

    Politicians looking for where to spend money should fund this kind of human capital development, with ecosystems developed to support participants.

    We need to reverse this consumption mentality where we believe that the best way to help people is to send them money, the minds need to be liberated first, and from there better application of money would follow.

    It by creating you multiply, and not by consuming; Nigeria needs wealth creation mentality, our consumption mentality has always been a catastrophe.

    Great partnership!


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