WIN Your Future, Have Victory Over Time

WIN Your Future, Have Victory Over Time

The biggest victory in life is victory over your time. If you master your time, you will win your future. Greatness has been achieved not because of special talent but rather via total dedication, perseverance and commitment through mastering of time. A man/woman who cannot manage his/her seconds will wander through the boundless of time. Yes, in that limitless time is something evidently scarce. In that ageless time is the most aged factor which when lost cannot be easily recovered. Have Victory over your time, and you will thrive.

Tenacity is critical because without it, any mission could be lost. In business, I have come to understand that one of the most important skills is the capacity to do the best possible job at the shortest time possible on something with the highest impact. Yes, everything must be bounded by time because without that time consciousness you will not make progress. The world will not wait for you – you have to fit into the world as defined by 24 hours in a day.

Have a process and see how that process aligns with your goals in life. Students, look carefully, the bests in your classes are not necessarily the smartest but those smart enough to manage their clocks. Because the world is bounded by time, defined within 24 hours a day, companies and schools look for those “bests” as they have overcome by managing time. The best companies, the best universities, and the best leaders want them because if they continue on those paths, they will add values.

But managing time does not mean spending lesser time on something; it’s simply knowing what to spend time on, to advance that mission. Do not be like the lifeless feather which when tossed into the stream wanders wherever the stream current moves it. Be like the dragonfly which even though enjoying the mild current defines its path.

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All paths of careers are defined by the ability to manage time. A man who is overwhelmed by the limitation of the unbounded time quits. Yes, “I have decided to settle for C because I cannot cover all that would help me compete for A”. Do not show any pity: he wasted his time and the rationalization for poor grade cannot change the state of his records, for life! Do that many times, the person will turn a failure in everything.

Sometimes, poor grades could be due to misalignments: you applied for course A, you ended up with Course B because you just wanted to matriculate for college education. But we also have extremely lazy students who made bad choices: sleeping when others were studying. Not fixing those attitudes would result to future life failures.

Boss your time or it will box you!


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One thought on “WIN Your Future, Have Victory Over Time

  1. It boils down to CORRECT judgement, the determinant factor on how judiciously a time is managed. The path you choose to reach the end goal may be long or short, you can move fast and end in failure, wasting resources without accomplishing anything; you can also move slowly and still achieve great result. Time isn’t a function of speed, but how much impact made with what is given.

    The concept of clock means different things to different people. To some, it’s a measure of how long it takes to finish a task, and to others, it’s about being aware of where day and night stand, to know what next to look forward to.

    Make poor decisions? Then you have abused time. Make wise decisions? Then you are the best manager of time.

    Nice piece.


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