Fixing Property Fraud With AI

Fixing Property Fraud With AI

To all users of Zenvus Boundary, today we added a feature which makes it possible that once a property boundary has been recorded within Zenvus Boundary ecosystem, an alert will be triggered if the same boundary is captured by another user. For instance, if you use Zenvus Boundary to map the boundary of a farm, and next week another person (not in your specific Zenvus Boundary) maps at least part of that farm, our system will detect a conflict, triggering an alert to Zenvus Boundary support. We will contact both customers to note what our system has detected.

Zenvus Boundary maps farm, land or house perimeter boundaries, calculates the areas and populates the data onto Google Earth. From Zenvus portal, the surveys can be downloaded or printed. It supports cooperatives, governments and individual farmers, enabling these entities to have survey reports at a fraction of the typical cost of surveys.

Until that is resolved, our Property Search feature will blank the names to avoid either using the property to access loans and other services. The individuals can resolve the problem via government data, oral history, etc. Zenvus Boundary neither offers legal advisory services nor government support services.

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