FOLLOW Me on LinkedIn

FOLLOW Me on LinkedIn

It was very emotional: “Sir, you have refused my connection request on LinkedIn. Was it because I had only OND and did not attend a university?”. That was an email from a LinkedIn user this morning. It touched me since I have no answer to the problem: I have max’d my allowed direct connections on LinkedIn. In other words, I cannot accept any new connections even though you can send me requests! I have thousands of requests PENDING which would fade. 

Accepting anyone in my network does not cause me anything and I do not check profile or status before I accept. To move forward, the only option available is to FOLLOW me. If you click FOLLOW, if we are not connected already, you will read my feeds. Do it now as I want you to be reading me! (lol).

Of course, I have my email there if you have something you want to pass across since FOLLOW does not allow that.

But know one thing: your education or status has no relationship on this. I am a village boy; I grew up knowing that many can rise.  OND is a huge accomplishment and you are already rising.


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