For Your Business & Career Planning, Read the One Oasis Strategy [PDF]

For Your Business & Career Planning, Read the One Oasis Strategy [PDF]

As you refine your 2019 strategy, take time to read my One Oasis Strategy (pdf). I will be in Boston, USA next month to teach this framework which will appear next year in Harvard Business Review print. This is a management guide on how to allocate capital to drive symphonic value creation in any organization.

Discover your one oasis and invest to make it a category-king in your sector, and using that win territories and markets. In this age of winner-takes-all, strategizing to deepen capabilities in your sector is going to be catalytic in creating that new basis of competition which would trigger the expected disruption.

Indeed, oasis is very critical and every company has oasis. Your best product is the oasis in your business. Every other product feeds on that best product. If you build your investment around that main product, you will find success, because those investments will have a clear “customer”, and that reduces market risks. In other words, if your new business investments are geared to support the best product, and the best product is doing well, it means the risks on the new investments will be easily managed. Provided the best product continues to do well, demand on the new investment is assured. That is the One Oasis Strategy.

The One Oasis Strategy Works for Career Planning

I did not think about that but this LinkedIn comment made a strong case on it.

As it’s the case for businesses, the One Oasis Strategy would be immensely beneficial to individuals, in the pursuit of their careers.

If you are a tech person, you can build business skills and capabilities, to feed your Oasis – the technology skills. Same goes for business gurus being technologically aware, a way of reinforcing the core skill.

You still need to be politically, socially and environmentally aware. The modern world is no longer for ‘specialists’, but all round humans, who know a thing in everything.


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