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Amazon 2020 Prime Sales = 4X of 2015 Sales


Amazon's 2020 Prime Day sales figure is about 4x of the numbers in 2015. That is an indication that more and more people are converging to the next frontier of commerce: online. If in just 5 years, the numbers could quadruple, it gives you an indication on how the physical retail is being redesigned. Of course, what is happening in America is different from what is happening in Nigeria. Yet, the trajectory is evident: the wealth of the future seems coded in bits and bytes than atoms and molecules!

Then consider the Chinese version:

1, 800 million shoppers

2, Taobao Live hits US$7.5 billion in first 30 minutes of presales

3, 400 per cent jump in sales YoY

4, nearly 10 million tonnes of products moved by Cainiao Network, Alibaba’s smart logistics unit, into the warehouses that it operates

5, inventories of imported cosmetics for men have increased by more than 30 times over a year ago

6, Top influencers Li and Huang on Wednesday last week combined to generate more than 1 billion yuan (US$149 million) in deposits from consumers to secure popular products during Singles’ Day.

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