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Before licensing Nigerian IT professionals by Government

Someone just told me that CPN (Computer Professional Registration Council Of Nigeria) is also planning to battle. That one claims it is the alpha for this licensing of IT professionals in Nigeria. Get me right - I would really like these organizations and bureaucrats to make this work.

I welcome standards like BCS (Britain), IEEE (US, World), IET (UK), etc. It could be a way to push people to learn and develop. But before they do so, we need to see the frameworks, the testing protocols, the process, etc. Once we do, we would determine if they offer value. What I do not buy is a potential rip-off where paying a fee becomes the licensing process.

I earned BEng from FUTO and hold a PhD in engineering. But I am not an engineer in the context of Nigeria. I have no problem with that. No issues with COREN and NSE (Nigerian Society of Engineers). They have made clear what they want before you can join the club. COREN adds value by pushing people to get practical skills, etc.  People like it.

I have worked with COREN on their standards; no one disqualified me because I am not even registered. Possibly, had I been living in Nigeria, I would have gotten my own stamp. It is not urgent as my colleagues in my office have the stamps. For some contracts, they lead, and I join them. But it is fine: COREN/NSE offers great value in that process. I supported my colleagues to get the stamps.

If CPN/NITDA/NCS can build a practical program, this may not be bad. But it must not end in paying fees.

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