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Konga is Back

Good Morning Konga,

You look very refreshed and energized. I just noticed that your style has changed. Wow – nice color. You look really better. And you have got friends with shops across Nigeria. Boy, you are ready to rock. You know what? I like all those pickups. You are now simplifying my life.

You got a great cousin but he said both of you would go with your name. Yudala is really a nice dude. He knew you are more popular in colleges and across major cities in Nigeria. But I also like that you are wearing his clothes even as both share a name. Konga is zen-like. I like it.

Let me apologize if my article came poorly. I am a teacher. We just talk. But I am very happy that you listened when I said you had no more stamina to stand by yourself. Happy you moved in to stay with a cousin. And boy, you look nice.

On that piece, nothing personal sha. I have invested in things that turned out bad. I do not really know a lot but I know how to defend what I know. Let us forget the past. I want to wish you a really good luck as you take the streets of Lagos. People, welcome the new Konga of Lagos.

Konga – dance for them. Tic dat tic tic dat ta  tic taa.

Great people, Konga is back! Support it – it is fixing that logistics with hybrid commerce. It has a GREAT chance.