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Microsoft's Satya Nadella Adds Title of Chairman

Microsoft Plots a Future for Computing - Tekedia

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella can add a new title alongside chief executive officer. On Wednesday, he was announced as the company’s board chairman, as well. Nadella will replace independent board director John Thompson, as the CEO continues to boost the tech company’s profile. Under Nadella, the company has recovered from previous failures like the Windows Phone by focusing on cloud computing services. (Fortune)

Microsoft named CEO Satya Nadella as board chairman, strengthening his influence at the world’s largest software maker after more than seven years as the top executive.

Nadella, 53, succeeds John Thompson, who will return to the role of lead independent director, a position he held before being named chairman in 2014, Microsoft said Wednesday in a statement.

This should have been expect since Google also promoted her CEO Sundar Pichai to this role.

The phrase that got my attention in Fortune piece is, " strengthening his influence" that is very big word and we need Africans  to read those words after a cool bath- just as I did, so it sink. We currently are seeing a generati3on of non Native America attain powerful position, we need to start seeing African is such mass number than the current number have.

I wish him the very best in that position as more would be expected of him.

Good Piece altogether.