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Not Going To Osaka Japan As Scheduled

Good people, I will not be coming to Osaka Japan as scheduled for the Smart Devices Symposium I had been scheduled to speak. To members of our community here who had planned to connect, my apologies. At this time, I have frozen all international travels until one gets clarity with coronavirus.

That was also why I cancelled a scheduled trip to Nigeria two weeks ago. The challenge is not the destinations but what happens on transit while in a tube 33,000 feet above sea level. Please be watching this coronavirus; it could be the black swan no one had modelled in any form.

WHO - we are hoping you get this under control, urgently. And please do not make non-critical international trips.

Safety first, is always the watch word. As the elders will always say in my village, "voom ka mma karia statement".
Prof, biko I don't know if it will be possible for you to help me with my TEF application this year, I applied last year and answered all the questions about my business (poultry farm) following all the guidelines, but still wasn't selected. I can't really figure out where I fell short in my answers, so I am asking for help from your wealth of knowledge about businesses to enable me submit a better business write up this time around. Sir, you can always send your response to me through my e-mail which is [email protected]. Thanks for your time.