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NTA TV Anchors - Robots

In near future, TV anchors would be robots. Yes, feed them texts and they would read the stuff 24/7. In Nigeria’s NTA, we would surely need to have "anchors" that dress right in our native attires. China's Xinshua News is testing the use of robots as TV anchors, reports Diamandis newsletter.

China’s Xinhua News Agency has just released AI news anchors, built using footage of human TV hosts in collaboration with Chinese search engine company Sogou. Enabled by a machine learning program that synthesizes humanlike lip movements, facial expressions and persuasively lifelike speech, these digital anchors can read and deliver news far more efficiently than with traditional CGI. And so long as human editors continuously feed text to the system, AI hosts can work 24/7, delivering breaking news in a matter of minutes and drastically cutting costs.

Yet, reading texts may not really be the real AI.

I think that this is not a good news. I am in favour of using artificial intelligence and robots in any field of life but there has got to be a limit. We need to set up parametres before it is too late. There is no replacement for the human intuition and wisdom. What do you think guys?

I do agree - you cannot just replace people. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. This is going to be the future: companies will look for how to save money and this is one way. Who wants strikes? Yes, robots do not go on strikes.