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Private Sector Funding Coming on Monday

Great people, funding is coming to African businesses. We just signed a partnership with a U.S./international P/E to help syndicate capital into Africa. Our Lagos team is already running [Addis Ababa coming]. By Monday we would release more information on process. This is for private funding.

Many have asked us to expand our funding business to private funding. We had focused on public sector syndication. Now, we have done it.

Your project must be in the range of $10m-$25 million.

Start working on your business plans. Our focus is growth capital or really big startups. Do not send anything to me. By Monday, we would share process and for promising companies to meet our Lagos team.

Please note that this is not optimized for typical startups. Please check back on Monday. We do hope we can have a great partnership to make finance does what it does best - liberate ideas, and make them products and services.