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Smaller workforce for the future as automation scales across industries

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Smaller workforce for the future as automation scales across industries: 'With recruiters bemoaning staffing shortages for roles suited to highly paid professionals and low-wage service workers, millions of workers are actually struggling to land a job that suits their skills, experience or location. Many will also find that the jobs they lost amid the pandemic may disappear forever, The Wall Street Journal writes. Companies are looking to AI, automation and "other labor-saving steps" so they are able to plan for the future with "a permanently smaller workforce.'

Meanwhile, even the humans when at work cannot just talk the way they want. Yes, it is not everything that must be written down.

Netflix has drawn a line in the sand for those who take to Slack to grumble about management. The streaming giant parted ways with three marketing executives after it unearthed a conversation on the popular work-messaging app in which the trio was "secretly griping about management," THR.com reports. Although their immediate boss — also a target for their vitriol — magnanimously argued the three should not be fired because "employees vent as a matter of course," the piece reports he was pressured by senior executives to act.

Yes- I also agree to this. The nature of work would change. It would be more of productive creative work than routine activity.

Simply, anything that would be repetitive in nature would be automated, then many would be pushed to frame new thing. Innovation scales.

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