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The 14,000 Daily Trains in Nigeria

Google buys a train tracker in India. Yes, the real story is that India runs 14,000 trains on a daily basis. It is amazing what is happening in places NOT called Nigeria. 14,000 trains in India? I am not sure Nigeria has up to 10 now that run on a weekly basis. We are underperforming as a nation. It is indeed a shame.

Google  is increasing its efforts in India after it snapped up the team behind popular transportation app ‘Where is my Train.’

The app claims 10 million registered users and, as the name suggests, it helps commuters track arrivals and departures as well as buying seats. That’s no small job given that India is estimated to operate some 14,000 trains on a daily basis across the country. The app is for Android, it works offline or with poor connectivity and supports eight languages. It is rivaled by VC-backed companies like RailYatri and iXigo.