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The iPhone's Covid-19 Vaccine Card

This looks like fake news until you realize that it is real. Yes, Apple wants to make it easier for people and companies to know who has been vaccinated or not. And it is using the iPhone to get that done via a Covid-19 vaccine card.

After you install iOS 15 on your iPhone, you’ll be able to store verifiable versions of your covid-19 vaccination and test results records in the Health app. Later this year, an iOS 15 update will also allow you to add and present a verifiable covid-19 vaccine card to your iPhone Wallet app and lock screen.

The upcoming feature is built on the SMART Health Cards framework, an international specification that centers around issuing, transferring, and verifying electronic medical records. It was created as a result of the pandemic and is used by several states, retail pharmacies, and health institutions as a means of providing verifiable vaccination records. Those states include California, Louisiana, New York, Virginia, and Hawaii. Health providers create a digital record, verify it with a private key, and then make that key available to third parties who may require that information to enter, such as restaurants, concert venues, stadiums, and movie theaters.

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