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The Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) Nigeria

Many have asked me about my perspectives on the recently passed Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) in the Nigerian Senate. Unfortunately, I do not want to waste time on that. Nigeria lacks fundamental visioning systems and provided that is the case, one does not need to be wasting time on many of these issues. Between 2014 and 2020, Nigeria has doubled its national budget but check carefully, standard of living has dropped. We have more kids out of school than ever before. So, whatever we have in that PIB will not save host and non-host communities.

We used to blame the British for our paralysis. Now, it is the Constitution. In 5 years, PIB. Everyone will remain a victim because we like own-goals, creating policies that accelerate suspicions and hatreds!

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True, there is no point commenting on that which is obvious. Energy must be reserved for more productive activity.

I mentioned earlier that I was watching the President of Ghana speak at Chatham house, and he was spitting sense, now we see why the nation is having an in flock of companies from Twitter to Toyota.

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Nigeria has quality minds, but we insult them with the foolish policies we implement.

Are we even still suppose to be  speaking about petroleum at this stage when in few years to come it would be all green.

That said, I foresee Saudi Government coming down here to Africa to buy license in our Lithium depot.