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The United States of Amazon

The United States of Amazon: Interactive map shows tech giant's ...

America runs on Amazon these days. By the time this pandemic is over, it is all going to be the United States of Amazon. Operational fluidity and peerless visioning process have won. Jeff Bezos runs a big part of America right now: Amazon is “calling up 100,000 troops, extending grants to small businesses, prioritizing essential goods, and cracking down on profiteers.” What again do you need a government for?

No, that’s not the United States federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic: it’s Amazon’s. The e-commerce behemoth is poised to become one of the major winners of the coronavirus crisis. As smaller businesses (even those that are not in any sense of the word small) falter and fail, Amazon is expanding its dominance over American commerce and society.

It’s less and less far-fetched to imagine “the everything store” becoming the only store. And with so much rancor and incompetence on display in Washington DC, Amazon’s efficiency and competence has become a source of comfort and security, at least for those of us who can afford a Prime membership.

The Amazon Nation, with Jeff as Head of State. They are even calling for additional 75, 000 hiring spree; it can only be Amazon!

As politicians continue to squabble on whether SMEs deserve bailouts, Amazon is taking action, because it has become a nation within a nation, without needing to finance the ever-combustible suffocating bureaucrats and political establishments.

It also makes a good case on why you need a smaller government, because the bigger the government, the more incompetent and corrupt it becomes. The smaller the government, the better for the citizens.