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The Western World Sanctioning Nigeria

Nigeria’s Twitter Ban: Before the US Talks to Nigeria in the Language It Understands

I must confess that I do not see it as a possibility. I mean the United States and Western Europe sanctioning Nigeria. But Samuel Nwite made a case here that something may be cooking: TwitterBan “has also added to the many cases of human rights abuse, extra judicial killings and suppression of press freedom the present Nigerian government has been accused of. President Buhari has an authoritarian textbook dating back to his days as the military head of state, which people believe he's been acting from.

Against this backdrop, calls are growing for Western governments, led by the US, to mete out sanctions against Nigerian government. It is believed to be the only language that the Nigeria government understands apart from violence.”

Get that phrase - “only language that the Nigeria government understands” .

I do not believe that any country will sanction Nigeria. The world is already thinking of a post-Buhari presidency but they are hoping that Nigeria can still be together before 2023. In NTA yesterday, the president was talking about special courts to fight corruption. Yes, in his 6th year as president, he is still “thinking” of something he promised to do in his first campaign.

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For the sake of common man and woman on the street, please do not sanction Nigeria.