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To Young People Here on Politics

To Young People Here:

Do not be overly worked up because of Nigerian politics. Do not risk your future on politicians with blind support. I can assure you that some of those politicians are not enemies as their statements may make you think: they drink together in the night, and in the morning they appear to have differences.

When politicians throw insults, it is part of the job. In the night, they exchange emails and laugh. In Imo State during Sam Mbakwe (I was told), a man and son were in opposite parties. The man would insult the son; the father will insult the boy.

But you know what? The son was living in his father's house and they ate together every morning. And as they departed for the day job, they would wish each other good luck! People were writing about the level of hatred between son and father until a journalist broke the news that both lived in the same house and ate together.

While there are evil enemies especially at local level, national politicians are club men. For either, do not die by risking your life in senseless risky activism. Your life is more than being a thug for real or "perceived enemies". They are importing guns now to give you to “fight” for victory. Remember, that was the same man that changed GSM number four years ago after winning the seat.

God has gifted us with something amazing and that special gift is the human brain. You should use it before trusting blindly with your vote of confidence. Before trusting or voting for any politician, you need to think of the impact they will have on your children.

Thanks Caldwell - that is a powerful message you have here.