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U.S. Doing Poorly on Covid-19 Containment

The miracle in Africa. Yes, all the predictions have failed: coronavirus did not and will not kill millions in Africa.  Yes, while the risk remains and we do not need to be carried away [listen to your governments and health professionals], this has shown that even Africa can develop better protocols and frameworks. On March 13, 2020 I wrote:

What makes the U.S. health system one of the best in the world is also the reason it has a weak point during this coronavirus pandemic.  The Nigerian professionals, in my opinion as a lay person, are doing far better jobs than their U.S. counterparts”.

Many here did not like that because nothing good can come from Nigeria. The fact is this: Nigeria has better covid-19 protocols at its airports than the United States. Of course, you can argue that U.S. and Europe’s privacy rights may be limiting their abilities to be effective on this pandemic.

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Practical wisdom is ahead of scientific wisdom, but many in the West felt that the latter is the ultimate. There's still God somewhere, yet those who felt they had a better education proudly and arrogantly proclaim that they trust science! Well, in all your trusting, trust God first, then you can go ahead with trusting other ephemeral things out there.

Like they say in Igbo, 'efi na enwero odu, chi ya na achuru ya ijiji', loosely translated as, 'a cow without tail, its god keeps dispersing the flies for it'.

This is our lot in Africa. It's not that we did anything terrific or sophisticated to fight covid, but we also have such a blind and amazing faith and conviction that this thing covid wouldn't finish us. No medicine works better than that, because it's your will to live that keeps you from dying, and never about the medications you receive.

Science doesn't cure panic, but faith does, so anyone waiting for the time Africans will start dropping dead like flies here will wait forever. It's now like a conventional war, where you watch on tv and listen on radio about bombings and shootings elsewhere, while people are living their normal lives on the other side.

Vaccines are coming, maybe that could help halt the rampage.