Ghanian Eazy Response Simplifies Data and Content Management

Ghanian EazyResponse is a hosted web application which allows client organizations to sign up and upload student or employee data to enable the organization send notifications to the desired subject. Useful for sending student reports, meeting notifications and emergency contact. Manage your organization’s profile and personalize your recipient information. Unique features include document and file sending and customized reports.



EazyResponse – an app to help a school to communicate with parents of the students. Sending out the notifications helping parents to get info on their mobile.



But watch out, the site will be launched , for business next week. The counter is going down, daily.


Twitter: @EazyResonse

Facebook: Eazyresponse



Team members: Joshua-Derek Bossman, Eric Malike Yao Nyamordey, Amoah Kena Alexander, Owusu Subramaniam Kwabena, Sam Darko, Awi Oluwasanmi, Nii Bonney Takyi-Mensah

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