Ghanian K-Net Is A Player In West African Voice Estate Management


K-NET is at the forefront of global voice estate management. With over 10 years experience in managed services K-NET is pioneer in developing IP networks for multinational companies; it can help you create a next-generation network infrastructure that will help you thrive in today’s digital networked economy.


K-NET is unique in that its broad knowledge base and skill set are based essentially in house. This gives it  a wealth of resource to draw on when advising  clients. They understand that in a world this complex, you’ll value relevant facts with an honest opinion. Whatever the situation, at K-NET, they pride themselves on being able to offer independent advice & unbiased recommendations, every time.


Your business needs a network provider capable of delivering impeccable service. K-NET’s single source proposition reduces administration costs and offers considerable savings in time and money.


K-NET provides help and support in navigating through the complexities of ever evolving communications technologies. From simple voice, to more complex integrated data solutions, the in-house Network team offers consultancy and advice to meet your growing needs. A complete end-to-end solution can be provided, from initial consultation and design, implementation and after sales support.

Editor’s Note: This is part of our series – know the solution providers

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